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Information for Prospective Students

Program Overview :

The Master of Science in Geographic Information Science (M.S. GIS) is a technology-enriched 39 credit graduate degree offered on both the Winona, Minnesota and Minneapolis, Minnesota campuses. The degree is intended to prepare learners with robust knowledge of cutting-edge geospatial technology, research, and contextual applications to help meet increasing workplace demands for efficient technology use and geospatial decision making.

Learners are exposed to the latest software, technology, and resources for applied geographic information systems (GIS) and related technologies in fields such as natural resources, business intelligence, emergency management, surveying, urban planning, programming, public safety, and project management. In addition, experiences are enhanced by enveloping theory, research, law, and grant writing around the core emphasis of the degree. The principle focus of the degree is rooted strongly in science and technology applications whereby learners expand their knowledge of the latest in geospatial data development, analysis, and data evaluation.

The program is structured to help maximize all experience levels and backgrounds – whether a person has a rich background in GIS or is completely new to the field. With geospatial technology’s ability to be applied to limitless fields and its increasing demand as a current and emerging career, it is a valuable science to possess within the digital technology era.

If you’re looking for a thorough background in GIS theory and use (perhaps to pursue professional certification) but are not seeking a degree, the 18 credit GIS Certificate Program might be a good fit for you. Our innovative curriculum provides you with broad exposure to the principles and applications of GIS and provides practical exposure to hardware and software used in GIS, planning and construction of spatial databases, GIS analyses, and representation of data in both mapped and tabular form.