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Ask us about paid GIS positions on campus!

The Master's of Science in Geographic Information Science program is a cost effective 39-credit degree intended to prepare participants for exciting careers in advanced resource analysis and management. The latest, elite versions of ESRI technology are delivered through diverse and mentored instructional environments which emphasize "hands on learning."

The program prides itself by offering small class sizes and networking opportunities for career placement and advancement. The program is suited for diverse interests and provides educational options for any learner no matter their background. Student centered learning is maximized through flexibility in offering distance-learning courses as well as evening courses.

Click on this interactive map to see where some of our alumni are living and working.


Start Date
Summer semester - May 4, 2015 - apply now


GeoSpatial Services Newsletter
Several RA GIS students work for GeoSpatial Services. See their latest newsletter to learn more about their exciting projects.

GIS Jobs on RA Network Site
We have been busy posting job openings on our RA network site! If you are a student or alum who needs an invite to join, please contact us.

Congrats to RA alum Kendis Scharenbroich, the Vice President and COO at Pro-West & Associates, Inc. The company was named National Prime Subcontractor of the Year by the U.S. Small Business Administration.
Click here to read more.

John P. Gabbert, an RA alum, was recently published in the Wisconsin Medical Journal, Volume 111, Issue 3. Please click here to access the article.

Esri Case Study
"Virtual Campus courses have helped RA learners to stay atop the GIS technology field by helping to make the educational instructional offerings by the Department of Resource Analysis among the best in the country, and its alumni leaders in professional GIS technology applications."

Switzerland Initiative
The Department of Resource Analysis just returned from Switzerland. John Ebert has been a participant in the Mike Horn Pangaea Expedition for the Magnetic North Pole. Read more about RA in Switzerland.


"The Resource Analysis Program at SMU can open up many doors for people in the information field. With the computer experience I received at St. Mary's I was able to first get a job at IBM in Rochester as a network station tester and then with that experience I was able to get a great job making very good money at 3com.

What I'm getting at is, with the knowledge and experience you gain from the resource analysis grad program you don't have to limit yourself to just the GIS field. There are many skills that I picked up in the program that proved very helpful in the information technology world. Not to mention all the fun I had along the way."
- Brendan Brooks